Nederland Casino Kroon Casino

Kroon Casino

A new Dutch Casino is returning and this was high time because there were still more 2 real Dutch Casino providers on the internet. Kroon Casino is the name of this new reliable Dutch casino which is specially designed for Dutch players and where you can play all your favorite casino games and casino slots.

We have thoroughly tested this new Dutch Casino before we put it on the site of course we only want high quality casinos on our site about Dutch Casinos. Crown casino has been found to be reliable. Our tests have shown that Kroon Casino is truly a reliable casino and truly fulfills all its agreements. Crown casino now also belongs to the reliable Dutch Casinos

First we have transferred money to crown casino via iDeal. This is the best and safest option for the Netherlands because the money goes through your bank to the casino. Krooncasino is therefore a real iDeal Casino.
This is a reliable way of gambling in a Dutch casino. After this we deposited money via credit card and this also went smoothly.
With both methods the money was directly on our Kroon Casino
play account and we could immediately gamble.

After this, we started playing roulette, playing blackjack gambling and some casino slots. These games all look cool and the payout percentages seem fine  once we won something, then we lost.
Sometimes we even won big prizes.
After half an hour of play we paid our balance and we waited the days after that until our bank account which was finally within 3 working days. We think this is reasonable.

Reason enough to put Krooncasino among the safe Dutch Casinos on these sites.
What is also very nice at Krooncasino are the live casino games. You play live at a table in a real casino where people are just betting.
You can also see this through various cameras from many viewpoints so you can follow the whole game at your leisure without standing at a busy table. Really recommended.

This way you can immediately see that the Dutch Crown Casino is not cheating.

The Welcome bonus from KroonCasino is also very high, namely 100% up to a maximum of 100 euros. So if you deposit 100 euro at Krooncasino you get 200 euro to play in the Casino.
Gambling on the internet has never been so fun.